Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our Living Room So far With Renovations.

Our living room was in desperate need of renovations. It is 25 ft by 14 ft. I always wanted a formal dining room to have our holiday dinners and family gatherings so we decided to divide the living room to have the two rooms opposed to one all the while keeping it as an open space. Dh thinks that he can start laying the hardwood flooring tomorrow. I wish that I had taken pictures from before actually starting. There was a half wall where the door is which dh took down, stucco walls on the wall where the archways are,old dingey beige shag carpet which was ancient I am sure as well as two layers of wall paper which looked about 30 years old on the end wall where the scone lighting is. There were no lights hanging from the ceiling either. Although dh has never gyprocked and patched before he is a true go getter and jumped right in :).

The chandraliers we found at Home Depot for $59.98 each. The wall scones were $14.88 each. With a can of black spray paint, a bit of white tubing for the candlestick area it was a huge bargain as to find anything close to match our chandraliers the cheapest I could find were $50. each.

The wall colour is called Pasta by Sico paints. We will be putting French Doors in the doorways and tooth molding for the boarders. I want to change the front door as well with all glass to bring in more light for the dining area. Bay window also needs replacing but will have to wait for now as we are paying cash as we go. I am leaning towards a French European Look :).

Below is one of the wall scones, before and then after it was spray painted and the white tubing added to the candle stick part.

I made a Crocheted dishcloth!

I learned how to crochet years ago when I was a child but never really picked it back up for a very long time. It took me a few hours to remember how to square the corners etc and complete it. I love it!

I made a Summer Wreath

I wanted a wreath for our front door but I couldn't seem to find one that I absolutly loved or could afford. So Since I am trying to make our house a home I decided to try and make one. A lot of love and tweaking went into this wreath. Hope you like it as much as my family and I do :).


It took me 5 days on the internet watching video's and reading articles to figure out how to use my sewing machine and make my curtains. I am really proud of myself not to mention pleased with the results. I finally figured out that the reason my sewing machine was not sewing properly was a result in dropping the bobbin a couple of times and winding the thread by hand...a definate No No!

Anyhow, here are my pretty curtains which are located in our family room which is in the basement.

P.S... It has been raining a lot here lately so I need to clean my windows from the rain splattering on the ground and then onto my windows. I also need to make tiebacks so I havn't hymed those yet.